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Monday, 4 June 2012

waiting for my future

.:: someone better will come ::.

When you look into my eyes they may seen to be empty,
my eyes are full of tears, although you don’t see any,
So many times my heart has been filled with pain,
and deep behind my eyes are pockets of tears that are ready to fall like rain

I know at times I may appear to be tought
but sometimes to bear the pain and heartache can be too much
Sometimes I try and hide the tears that I cried juast last night,
Tears that soaked my pillow wet long past morning first light

I know how it feels to be pushed away by someone you love
I’m not afraid to admit my tears because I know that
There’s a far greater love, one that comes above,

Happiness to will be mine, so until then
 I’ll keep my head up  and eyes towards the skies,
And never allowing anyone to see the tears hidden behind my eyes..

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