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Friday, 17 February 2012

sorry guys

Betul ke aku berubah ? betul ke aku keras hati , dingin , sombong and cepat marah ?
kenapa dulu ramai yang cakap aku periang and kebudak-budakkan, ada juga cakap aku ni manja *konon

aku tataulah tapi aku rasa kehilangan . . sunyi . .aku kat rumah pun aku bina dunia aku je . .
aku tau kengkawan semua dah busy kerja kan ? aku je malas asyik nak membongkang je . .
okay-2 aku dah melalut .

*MOTIF  aku update ni tujuan nak minta maaf kat sesiapa je yang aku salu buat endah tak endah ,tak layan ,  marah tetiba or sesape je lah yang penah terasa nak sikap aku ni.

SORRY YOU GUYS  . . .   TT_________TT

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Nikki Flores - Erased You :)

Look at my window I can see the sunshine, Up in my bedroom I can seem to stop crying 
And my pillow is swimming pool, I just don’t understand why you did what you did
my girls told me that I should watch out for you, I can’t help it i'm falling so dumb for you
silly me, i could think I can make you fall in love
tired down to the ground don’t know what you’re thinking of .

 Maybe its just me, got these clouds above my head and they won’t stop raining 
Maybe is just me, I just can’t understand why you *left and never* waited 
I don’t wanna be a hostage anymore, 
I don’t wanna be your day dream no more 
I’m picking up up, I’m picking up the pieces now
baby imma show you how you been erased

So on the radio plays our favorite song, ain’t no reminiscing baby I’m about to turn it off 
And when I see your name on the telephone
Boy you must be crazy if you think that i am playing along
'cause i had you and you had me, I played the fool but now I see
its better to erase you erase you, erase you 
Erase you erase you, erase you 

Look in the mirror finally recognize myself 
The problem is I can’t see me with somebody else 
keep having thoughts about you, but no you ain’t gonna change gotta get over it ooh
My friends tell me that I gotta keep moving on
I’m know they're right but why does it feel so wrong ?
And everything was jaded from the very start 
I’m lying here tryin reach you from my broken heart

Now I try and try to give and give, And I keep on lying to myself 

And cry and cry through the lonely nights, No medicine they make .. the hell
So I forgive you it’s time to forget you 
imma stitch up my scars, stop to bleed right here 
get you out of my memory, get rid of the misery 
I gotta erase you from my heart

Moving On ??

Just getting used to waking up everyday not seeing your face
I just began to stop setting your place
And I stop longing for your warm embrace
And it was God that made me able to finally sleep at night 
Though you're not by my side
Finally I don't hardly cry See right when I start letting go
Somebody wants to let me know Can they take your place
No they can't fill your space . 
NO !!

I tried to move on but you're not gone cuz in my heart you still live on
See now I know why I'll never love another for the rest of my life
And why now that you're gone
I'm holdin' on and deep in my heart I wanna move on
And now I know why I'll never love another for the rest of my life

♥ teach me how to get rid of this feeling